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Doug's Mountain Getaway

Mühlwiese 12

6166 Fulpmes


+43 650 9686865

Steve (Doug's main man, and general legend) is heading guest relations, so don't be surprised to see him in the emails and welcoming you at DMG :)

Doug & Juku x

Doug & Juku

FAQ  &  Useful Info

Travel Info

Travel to Doug's Mountain Getaway

Do I need to come by Car?

No. The public transport is incredibly well devised. In Winter the shuttle buses (1 min. walk from DMG) go every 20 mins & take you to all 4 ski resorts / villages in the Stubai Valley. In Summer, the buses are equally good - and always free for our guests.

Travel to Doug's Mountain Getaway

Where's the best Airport(s)?

Innsbruck. My record is a 9 minute drive (I left DMG 50 minutes before take-off). 2 hrs later I had landed in London & was walking out of the airport. It takes longer for some people to commute to work. Alternative airports (with easy train connections or Tirol Taxi Four Seasons direct mini-bus service): - Munich (ca. 2.5 hrs) - Salzburg (ca. 2.5 hrs) - Vienna (5 hrs - but a relaxing, direct! train from the airport to Innsbruck) - Memmingen (2 hrs - but better to rent a car from here - which counteracts the cheap Ryanair fare). Useful websites: (flies to Munich, Memming & Salzburg) (Innsbruck)

Bus Stop

From Innsbruck: 590 Fulpmes. Every 30 mins, direct to Mühlwiese (DMG's street). The stop is called Fulpmes HTL or Fulpmes Brücke. It costs €6 to get here from Innsbruck - but once we give you the Stubai Super Card, it's free after that. In Winter it's also free if you're in Winter Clothing. Get off immediately after turning right into Fulpmes. At the Shell Petrol Station, go down Mühlwiese Straße (we are signposted!). Walk past MPREIS / Bipa supermarket and it's the 3rd on the right: #12 This is also the stop that you'll use to go up & down the valley (ski resorts / summer toboggan / Neustift etc). Ski Shuttle from Fulpmes HTL to Schlick 2000 there are 6 buses between 8:23am and 9:23am.

Stubaital Bahn Scenic Tram

Scenic Tram?  Epic.

Got time? Do it! Haven't got time? Make time. Travelling to Innsbruck by car takes 15 mins and bus 30 mins - and you'd use them if you're in a hurry - but if not, take the stunning 1 hour scenic tram, and wind your way through mountain-sides and charming villages! It's also around €6 - but free once you've got our Stubai Super Card in Summer. It's still worth it in Winter as you don't have to contend with icy roads and paying / finding parking spaces. You need to slow down in life sometimes. This is a very good start.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Piggy Bank

How can I Save Money?

By booking directly. It's 15% cheaper than the online portals we use (AirBnb,, Expedia, VrBo etc). Direct means doing it either here on DMG's booking page (powered by our PMS, Uplisting) - or by contacting Doug / DMG Team by phone, contact form or email - and asking them to put in the booking manually. We have set our prices to get the same revenue however you book, so it doesn't actually affect us what you do... But for your own sakes -please save the inordinate fees that these company charge, and go direct!

Payment for Doug's Mountain Getaway

Deposits & How to Book?

You can either contact Doug to get him to make the booking, or simply use our website to book at the best price. Booking online with us, you can use your credit card and the transaction is instant. If you get Doug to process the booking then you will receive a booking invoice by email, requesting a 30% down-payment. We can not accept credit card bookings this way - it needs to be a bank transfer. We have UK bank details & Euro (IBAN & BIC) details. When this is paid, your booking is confirmed. The remaining 70% is due minimum 3 months before arrival. Of course, if you don't trust us for whatever reason, then it's absolutely fine for you to book us through AirBnb (or any of the other sites we advertise on). It's just going to cost you that 15% more.


Can I Cancel?

By paying the deposit you agree to the following terms: Your booking is confirmed, and the chalet shall be made available for your arrival (from 4pm) on arrival date. The remaining 70% is to be paid a minimum of 3 months prior to arrival. If it is not paid, the booking is deemed void. In the event of cancellation by the host, in normal cases, the full amount is to be returned to the guest. In the event of cancellation by the guest, the deposit can be kept by the host. If the cancellation is within 3 months of arrival (after having received the full amount), then it remains the decision of the host as to whether any of these monies are to be returned. Note: I have written the above to protect myself from non-serious bookings - but truth be told, in 10 years of running DMG I have never once even withheld a 30% deposit from a cancelling guest! I have always given the money back or found dates where it does work for everyone. I'm fair because I know that my guests want to come, and will come if they can! All I ask for in return is that the guest informs me as soon as they are thinking of cancelling - so that we can run through options and it gives me the best chance of finding new guests if the cancellation happens. I'm a 'solutions guy' - we will find something that works out!


Do I have to book the Whole Chalet?

Nooo... DMG is a multi-apartment chalet. If you are just a family of four, then book your favourite of the three private, separated apartments. If you're a massive group then book all three (or two) - please look at 'The Chalet' tab for the full explanation. The pricing is staggered depending on the number of people staying, making it more affordable for smaller groups. Thus, when booking & filling in the compulsory Guest Registration Form, please input the correct number of people from the beginning to save complication later (we need to register every guest for the Guest Cards / Stubai Super Cards).

Weather & What to Pack

Winter in Stubaital

Best Time to Come in Winter?

Skiing is almost Year-Round! All of Oct - May is wonderful snow on the Stubaier Gletscher. It actually used to be open every day of the year to ski, but now they shut it for a bit peak summer. If the whole of the Alps are having a crappy snow season, then people have to go higher. We are incredibly fortunate to have Austria's largest skiable glacier. We get people from all round the world coming to train on the glacier in the 'off-season' because of it's incredible altitude (ie there IS no off-season!) Many guests even say it's the best time to come as temperatures aren't at one of the extremes, and you can go snowboarding in the morning and play beach volleyball on the way home. Summer & Winter activities are doable on the same day - best of both worlds! However - January to March has the most snow at lower levels (and it's more of a winter wonderland in the valley then). Oct, Nov, April & May are all about sunshine skiing! Long days, lots of beers and fun parties!


What's Summer Like?

Hot. And Long. We have seen over 40'C here (but that's rare). What isn't rare though, is seeing >30'C in any month from May through to October (6 months of Summer!). We also rarely get 'rainy days' - just exciting tropical storms with thunder & lightning. These tend to be in the evenings / at night after a long hot day, and they're gone the next day. When it's too hot, retreat further up the mountains and drink cold beers or jump in the mountain lakes!


Advice on What to Pack?

We supply one towel per guest - so you might want to bring more. Sun-cream for the slopes!! You'll get a burnt nose otherwise :) Sun glasses for all months. We have the cleaning products, bed linen etc. Also many basics / essentials in the kitchens. We also have a baby bed (travel cot) and a high chair, and a few kids / baby games. We've got fancy-dress clothing in the Funky First Floor's Mystery Room (but we can get it to you if you're on another floor). We supply pretty much everything you could need, except the clothes on your own backs. And even then, the ski resorts rent full ski clothing if you dont want to bring your own! There's even a huge supermarket a few doors down so you don't need to worry about bringing food. You are well taken care of.

Shopping at MPreis


Yes! Three doors down is a huge, well stocked supermarket called M-Preis. Note: Arriving here on the weekend?? It shuts at 18:00 Saturday, and is closed on Sunday. Opening Hours: Sun: CLOSED​ Sat: 8-18:00 Mon-Fri: 8-19:00 We don't supply: Breakfast​, Drinks, Coffee. Buy Senseo Pads / Ground (gemahlen) coffee + filters. We do supply: Dishwasher Tabs, Cleaning Products, Some herbs / spices / basic items.

Chalet Rules


Can I Make (Sparkle) Party?

This is our most important (and only) rule. Read carefully if you have any loose cannons in your group. We do NOT accept (almost all) single-sex groups. ie: No Stags / Junggesellenabschied​s. The party MUST be moved inside at 21:00 - with windows shut​ (for music / shouting / noise pollution). There is a real law in Austria about this, and our neighbours will call the police if they hear you. Hot-Tub & Garden are Closed @ 21:00. Minimal outdoor noise please (smoking etc) Please be respectful to Doug & his neighbours. Keeping them sweet so they don't close him down is a large priority of Doug's - so if you worry some members of your group cannot keep to the above rules - please do not book to stay here.


Parking at the Chalet?

Yes, but limited. We can offer 1 space per apartment directly outside the chalet. So please limit the number of vehicles you bring when possible. Contact Doug if you are coming by car. Any cars above that will have to be parked 5 mins walk away, and possibly have to pay €7 daily. How to Park? 1) Move down the drive as far as possible (up to the garage). Why? 2) Because 2 more cars need to park beind you! 3) There is a fourth space beside the front doors - but, the front area of the DMG driveway (2x parking spaces) must always be kept free, so other guests, and Doug, may come to drop off bags / collect people. Important: NEVER park (or even briefly stop): i) On, or next to, the ramp on the other side of the chalet. You will be towed. ​ ii) At a neighbour's house. You might be fined or receive a lawyer's letter. iii) In the grassy lane next to my drive. As above. It's quite simple - park or stop only on DMG's driveway in front of the garage (near our front doors). Please bear in mind: Two of my neighbours are inherently angry and shockingly closed-minded people. They will do anything to be mean to myself and my guests - do your best not to give them any ammunition.

Parking at Doug's Mountain Getaway

What about our other Cars?

Fulpmes' underground car park (€7 daily. Coins required) is at the Eis Arena Fulpmes near the centre. If you have more than one car per apartment, stop briefly to unload in one of the two bays at the front of our drive. If other guests have parked badly or blocked these bays, then do NOT stop somewhere else close by. My neighbours will be there with cameras. Stop temporarily at M-Preis to unload your bags, before moving it to the Eisarena.


Anything else about Noise?

I will repeat what was said above. DMG is not a club - don't turn the music on full whack and leave the windows open. Please try to be considerate. I have spent 10+ years pouring all my energy into DMG - and it can all be taken away by a letter from the authorities following a disrespectful guest. Parents: I'm not worried about children shouting and running around. You guys are fine. I'm worried about drunken men in their twenties telling me their group is lovely and I won't have problems but then they're smoking and shouting on the street in the middle of the night or using booming voices in the hot tub after hours.


Who is Doug and what's his Story?

Hi folks!  I started DMG in 2011 (when I was 26).  I'd snowboarded all over the world, 'creatively' earning money to fund the travels (also by many comically questionable means: Human guinea pig; gay photo shoots (I'm not gay); selling ripped CDs; crocheting >1,000 snowboard beanies etc.)  Anyway, that enabled me to do (very) extensive backpacking; exploring around 100 countries over 5 years - and when I decided it was time to settle down, the choice was easy.  Tirol.

As a bright-eyed, skinny,18 year old Brit, I ran my first chalet in Zell am See - and thought to myself then:  "One day... I'll be the guy who owns the chalet and pays these young whippersnappers peanuts to do the dirty work!"  Well, 7 years later, after getting a degree in German & Management at University College London, I wrote a business plan, sought out investors, and bought a bargain, run-down old metal works in my beloved Stubai Valley, and actually made it happen!

Doug Fletcher

It didn't start as this luxury accommodation...  Due to a number of factors (knowing Innsbruck was crying out for a decent hostel; knowing what makes a quality hostel into an exceptional one; not having the funding to renovate to a top standard yet; knowing that backpackers care more about having fun & being looked after than what the place actually looks like; and still being incredibly young and wanting to hang out with backpackers!) I founded it as Doug's Mountain Getaway - Austria's most Bodacious Backpackers! It was a resounding success from the go!  Reviews flooded in.  99% on Hostelbookers and 98% on Hostelworld - which we sustained over 5 years!  We were the best rated hostel in the entire German speaking region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), and we won awards for best atmosphere; trip advisor recommendations, and the prestigious Hostelworld Hoscar (Best Hostel in Austria). A decade on from that, and we've kept the fun, added to the sports & games, and vastly upgraded the quality & decor of the interior.  I stripped back and totally renovated the banged up, old fun-house; increased its size in all directions, and got 3 wonderful apartments in which my guests continue to have unforgettable times! It has been a labour of love.  Blood has been shed countless times on countless 16 hour shifts while myself and many friends over the years have strived to learn all trades in order to make this possible.  Thankfully I still have all my fingers, and still enjoy building and working on Doug's Mountain Getaway.  I am still a long way from losing my passion & desire for improving it further, so those that come back year after year get to appreciate all these changes with me. Who has helped? If you've watched the My House video (see below), you'll have seen all the helpers, friends and family who made this place possible over the first few years.  There have been many more legends since. In particular I want to shout out to my mum for her support &  for believing in my idea; and for Jamie for being there when I've really needed him and for all his hours of effort and motivation he's given me - as well as all the laughs! Most recently it has been Steve - a hero, who has shone since starting in 2022 :)

The Video

Now, I know this video is 10 years old, and the chalet is soo much more beautiful now (as are we!!)   BUT it depicts the fun vibe that DMG has always rocked - so, due to popular request, she gets to remain as a feature in the new website:

Madness.  Our House.

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