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Doug's Mountain Getaway 

Mühlwiese 12

6166 Fulpmes





Frequently Asked Questions:

Chalet Bookings / Payments

Must I pay for the whole chalet?

       Yes -  each apartment must be booked in full. If you have more than 8 people, then you would need to book both apartments, and you'd have the whole of DMG to yourselves.

Minimum Stay?

        7 nights in Winter & Peak Season

        2 nights in Summer

Exceptions  can be made, so do still ask.


        Similar in all seasons:    Approx €45 per person per night (assuming full capacity)

Payments and cancellation policy

        Contact Doug for availability and to fix the price & date.  You then receive a booking invoice, requesting a 20% down-payment.  By paying this money you agree to the following terms:

        Your booking is confirmed, and the chalet shall be made available for your arrival (from 3pm) on arrival date.  The remaining 80% is to be paid a minimum of 6 weeks prior to arrival. If it is not paid, the booking is deemed void.  

        In the event of cancellation by the host, in normal cases, the full amount is to be returned to the guest.  In the event of cancellation by the guest, the deposit is to be kept by the host. If the cancellation is within 6 weeks of arrival (after having received the full amount), then it remains the decision of the host as to whether any of these monies are to be returned.

Travel Tips

Which airports / airlines / transfers?

  • Easyjet fly to Innsbruck

  • Ryanair to Munich & Memmingen

  •  Use:  google flights /

  • Four Seasons are also a good option - they  charge €52 pp for  their service

  • have cheap, direct buses from Munich Airport to Fulpmes!

Best time to come?

  • Year Round!

  • We have long, hot summers (20-35'C from May to end of Sept!)

  • Full winter is start of December to April

  • Spring & Autumn is the best time to ski the glacier & still do some summer activities... best of both worlds


Who's Doug?

          I started DMG   

8 years ago (when I

was 26) after   having

skied   all over the

world, earning money

from many different means (including some    comically questionable ones!).      I have  been a backpacker   in over 80 countries   and built DMG thinking of my favourite places and most memorable times.

        I first ran a ski chalet at the tender age of 18, and thought to myself "One day...  I'll be the guy who owns the    chalet and pays these young whippersnappers peanuts to do the dirty work!"  Well, 8 years later I wrote a business plan & actually made it happen!

          9 years on from that  , and I've totally renovated the banged up, old house; increased its size in all directions, and got 3 wonderful apartments (I live in the smallest, up in the rafters).

          It has been a labour of love.  Blood has been shed countless times on countless 16 hour shifts while myself and many friends over the years have strived to learn all trades in order to make this possible.  Thankfully I still have all my fingers, and still enjoy building and working on Doug's Mountain Getaway.  I am still a long way from losing my passion & desire for improving it further, so those that come back year after year get to appreciate all these changes with me.

Who has helped?

        If you've seen the My House video, you'll have seen all the helpers,  friends and family  who have made this place possible.  In particular my mum for  her support &  for believing in my idea, and Jamie for being there when I've really needed him and  for all his hours of effort and motivation he's given me!

Exclusive Chalet... or Hostel?!

So which is it?!

           DMG was Austria's highest rated hostel since the year it opened.    We never dropped below a 98% rating  from many hundred reviews.  It was actually the highest rated hostel in all  German -speaking countries - but we could never win Europe's Best Hostel  award because we had '10 beds or under'(?!)

              Needless to say, a   lot   of happy, fun times were had here.  Romances & relationships were born - never to end.  DMG tattoos were inked;    and memories will never be forgotten.  

                 2018 was a big year for me though, and due to a number of reasons, the hostel was closed.     Sooo...    A new phase begins!  I took out a huge  bank loan,  renovated the old metalworks into something beautiful, and set to work on the old DMG too, by    upgrading, revamping, replacing and  generally sprucing up the place, ready for its new target audience -  family groups / friends. 

How 'private' is it?

              There are two front doors next to one another.   The grey is for the 'Ground Floor Luxury' and the white one leads upstairs to 'Funky First Floor'.  You will get the key(s) to your apartment(s) from the lockbox on the wall next to the door.  NB: If you rent both apartments then you must step (literally) 1 foot outside  to get from one to the other.  

                If you rent one apartment, you get your own floor with all your private features  entirely to yourselves.  As with regular hotels, there are also shared facilities.  At DMG, there are 3 shared rooms:  The Garden;  the Sauna Room and the Pool / Climbing Room.  If a family has rented  the other apartment, then you may share these with them   and  if you're super lucky, Doug  may make an appearance (although he'll make sure to give you priority).

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